No Cookie Warning Chrome Extension

No Cookie Warning Chrome Extension

Cookies and Cookie Consent Messages

Cookies help websites to keep some of your data in your browser in case they are needed later by the websites you visited. The cookies usually keep your visit ststistics like clicks, time you stayed in the website, also some of your choices like website language you prefer to see. So, the cookies may be completely nonsense for you.

In some cases, they may keep your personal data like name, age, IP address, e-mail address or so that you entered in the website or the website gathered from your server.

The cookies are supported since the beginning of the internet. But since a few years the laws are getting stronger to keep your personal data secure and the websites are forced to ask if you want to allow the cookies or not. There are strong laws in many countries and also high fines as a result.

But the laws don't force people (visitors) to see the coocie consent messages. So, it is your decision to see them, configure them or restrict websites to keep your data.

The Solution

If you don't care about your data to be kept by the websites, our Chrome extension is just for you. Install the extension and let us hide them for you.

No Cookie Warning Chrome Extension hides most of the known messages but not all of them. We are updating the extension frequently to make it better everyday.

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P.S. This extension is provided by Mudimedia Software. Please contact us if you need any update on this extension or if you need custom Chrome Extension development.